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Corporate purpose:
       The brand enterprise, Industry serve the country

Employee Code of Ethics:
       Self-improvement, learn from, and integrity: quality first, the pursuit of efficiency; unity, cooperation and continuous improvement; conscientious in everything the customer first; innovation and eliminate waste; everywhere maintenance Honor, from time to time to protect the interests of the company.

Business management principles:
      Develop products with first-class technology, first-class management guidance production
      Open up the market with first-class products, first-class quality and create value
      Culture armed with a first-class staff, first-class reputation to win customers
      Corporate culture, along with the entrepreneurial journey Chongsheng people over the years, and gradually form their spiritual pillar and norms of behavior, and her silent heritage, leading DPCA towards a more brilliant tomorrow.


Hebei ChongSheng Special Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.