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Erw steel pipe flaring technology

Erw steel pipe flaring is a use of hydraulic or mechanical means afterburner to make steel from steel wall bulged outward radial pressure molding process. Mechanical way than hydraulically, the equipment is simple and efficient, the most advanced in the world, a few large-diameter Erw steel pipe processes are expanding the pipeline system is used, the process is as follows: Mechanical expansion-side using the enlarged diameter portion of the segments of the split radially expand the tube in a stepwise manner in the longitudinal direction, staging to achieve full process of plastic deformation of the tube length. Is divided into five phases

1, The initial stages of the whole circle. Open until all the segments are the segments come into contact with the pipe wall, then step inside the tube within the tube radius of each point are almost identical, steel has been initially full circle.

2, The nominal diameter stage. From the preceding position the segments reduced velocity, until it reaches the required position, this position is the quality of the finished tube circumferential position.

3, The elastic recovery phase compensation. carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china The segments in two phases starting at the position will further slow speed until you reach the required position, this position is a complex process design requirements of the bomb before the pipe inner circumferential position.

4, Pressure stable stage. The segments within the elastic recovery before the pipe circumferential position for some time remain intact, which is expanding process equipment and packing requirements stabilization phase.

5, Unloading return phase.

Fan-shaped blocks from the inner circumference of pipe bombs before re-position quickly retract until they arrive at the location of the initial flaring, which is expanding process requires minimal shrinkage diameter fan-shaped blocks.

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