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Erw steel pipe introduction

Erw steel pipe production manufacturing process can be divided into cold drawn, cold-rolled and hot-rolled three basic ways, made of steel 10 #, 20 #, 35 #, 45 # as ordinary steel, 16Mn between ordinary steel and alloy steel pipe known as low-alloy steel pipe, steel pipe made of 27SiMn, 12Cr1MoV, 10CrMo910, 15CrMo, 35CrMo and collectively referred to as steel pipe stainless steel pipe. According to use into the structure seamless steel pipe; seamless steel pipe; boiler seamless steel pipe; pressure boiler seamless steel tubes; chemical fertilizer equipment, high pressure seamless steel pipe; geological exploration with seamless tiles; oil exploration blocks with no pipe joints; petroleum cracking; ship seamless; drawing cold rolled precision seamless steel tubes; various alloys. API seamless representation as diameter, wall thickness, thick-walled seamless steel pipe is mainly used for mechanical processing, mining, hydraulic steel, and other purposes.

Erw steel pipe categories - hot rolled thick wall seamless steel tubes, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china cold-rolled thick-walled seamless steel tubes, cold drawn seamless steel pipe, thick-walled seamless steel pipe extrusion, pipe jacking structure with stainless steel seamless pipe (GB/T14975 -1994) is widely used in chemical, petroleum, textile, medical, food, machinery and other industrial corrosion resistant pipes and structural parts and components made of stainless steel hot-rolled (extrusion, expansion) and cold drawn (rolled) seamless pipe. Fluid transport stainless steel seamless pipe (GB/T14976-1994) is used for conveying fluid made of stainless hot-rolled (extrusion, expansion) and cold drawn (rolled) seamless steel pipe.

Shaped seamless steel pipe is in addition to other than the cross-sectional shape of the API seamless steel tubes in general. Press the pipe cross-section can be divided into different shapes and sizes and so shaped seamless steel pipe wall thickness (code D), wall thickness ranging shaped seamless steel pipe (code-named BD), variable diameter shaped seamless steel pipe (code-named BJ). Shaped seamless steel pipe is widely used in various structural parts, tools and mechanical parts. And the barrel compared to, Erw steel pipe generally have a greater moment of inertia and section modulus, a greater torsional bending capability can greatly reduce the structural weight, saving steel.

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