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Different insulating sleeve continue to meet market demand Insulating sleeve main material used is PTFE , and in the process of using high and low temperatures can adapt to different uses of some polymer constantly adding new material to the insulating sleeve, began to use it in a number of household appliances, electronic equipment as well as some of the space market , and get a number of different certification and international recognition .

Insulation sleeve technology continues to mature , people began very intuitive understanding into his distinctive , its corrosion resistance , abrasion resistance, and resistance to high voltage performance , won praise within the industry , when it constantly exhibits these with common casing differences , it also deepened their brand value proposition . We insulating sleeve awareness and recognition , so that the market for its awareness is very high , there have been a number of different insulating sleeve , its main material is the use of glass fiber , and the benefits of this material is not made it being understood , and this invention is to adapt to more market demand. Along with these different materials insulating sleeve continue to come out , but also to use this product to more and more areas for different industries. The role of transformer insulating sleeve and failure analysis Transformer insulating sleeve is the transformer box outside the main insulation , carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china transformer winding lead wire must pass through the insulating sleeve, between the lead and the lead wire insulation between the transformer enclosure , while from the fixed lead role. Due to different voltage levels , the insulating sleeve with pure porcelain bushings , oil-filled bushings and capacitor bushings and other forms.

1 , The role of the transformer insulating sleeve Transformer bushings , high and low voltage transformer windings inside the outlet header diverted to an external fuel tank , which played the role of the insulation , but also to the connecting lead and the role of the external circuit . Therefore, the insulating tube must have a predetermined electrical strength and mechanical strength, while the middle of the conductor casing is the carrier element , the load current through the long run , it must have good thermal stability , but also can withstand short-circuit momentary overheating.

2 , Transformer insulation sleeve failure analysis Transformer insulating sleeve surface dirt absorb moisture , will reduce the insulation resistance , the consequences are prone to flashover , causing tripping. At the same time , will damage the casing surface flashover .

Dirty water is absorbed , electrical conductivity increased , not only cause the surface flashover may also be due to leakage current increases , the heat insulating sleeve and cause damage to porcelain , and even breakdown ; casing cushion seal failure , greaseproof paper condenser bushing top seal is bad, the water may cause the insulation breakdown, poor sealing the casing lower permeability , causing the oil drop.

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