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High voltage insulation sleeve insulation protection and performance High voltage insulation sleeve has a hollow cylindrical symmetry of outdoor insulators .

In an end face of the insulator supporting a high-voltage bit can pass to the casing head . Of the insulator supporting an end side opposite to the ground potential can pass the foot sleeve . In this method , the sleeve pin , insulator and casing cover in order to pull the first body, the bushing foot support system in a pool on the insulator , the sleeve head through the support foot and the insulator casing body pull pull against each other tight.

1 ) High performance insulating sleeve

1 ) Fiber inside and outside the inner layer of plastic insulating sleeve woven glass fiber yarn , coated surface is made of silicone rubber ;

2 ) Working temperature : -60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃;

3 ) Rated voltage : 4KV/7KV/10KV;

4 ) Products with a flame retardant , carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china high temperature, mechanical and insulation properties and stability advantages .

2 , High voltage insulation sleeve insulation High insulating sleeve is E-glass fiber yarn woven into a tube and coated with silicone rubber high temperature.

Than the silicone fiberglass sleeving more good dielectric properties , self-extinguishing and softness , widely used in H & N motors, appliances, heating equipment, special lighting and other insulation. High temperature insulating sleeve endoderm and Performance High temperature insulating sleeve with the power cable in various industries and the rapid development of different application environment is beginning to show : some industries cables used in high-temperature heat zones, and even from the fire close ; Some industries use in corrosive pole cable high humidity, water vapor in the environment.

1, High temperature insulating sleeve performance Special high temperature materials synthesis determines the temperature casing has many other features too difficult to replace similar materials : high temperature resistance , thermal insulation properties, flame resistance, electrical insulation properties, chemical stability , resistance to weathering performance , cold, water resistance , oil resistance, ozone resistance, voltage, arc resistance, corona performance , especially safety and environmental performance , and other dangers of asbestos products best alternative.

2 , High temperature insulating sleeve endoderm High temperature insulating sleeve endoderm to fluffy glass fiber woven into heat through a special process tube, glass fiber itself has good heat resistance , after expanding treatment and then after Bai Road defended the unique weaving process , making fiberglass sleeve tube thick, dense , high-temperature insulating sleeve is heat resistance and lay a solid foundation.

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