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Insulating sleeve of the main technical parameters and performance advantages

High temperature insulating sleeve with high bulkiness of the casing made of fiberglass and covered with thick iron oxide red silicone , which can block the molten iron splash , and is not damaged by heat and flame , a flame retardant, insulation, thermal insulation , anti-electric , soft and other properties, these characteristics make it suitable for harsh environments to protect hoses , cables and piping .

1, high temperature insulating sleeve main technical parameters High temperature insulating sleeve temperature : -40 ℃ +560 ℃, continuous working temperature 560 ℃, instantaneously ( within 30 seconds ) can be resistant to 1650 ℃, 1650 ℃ destructive testing can last for half an hour , half an hour later outside coating start carbide , glass fiber intact. Color: carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china red iron -based, other colors can be customized according to requirements .

2 , high temperature insulating sleeve excellent high temperature performance High temperature silicone insulating sleeve surface structure contains both " organic group ", also contain " inorganic structure " , this particular composition and molecular structure so that it sets the characteristics of organic and inorganic functionality in a . Compared with other polymer materials , the most prominent is the high-temperature performance. Silicon - oxygen (Si-O) bond in the main chain structure .

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