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The main properties of the insulating sleeve and classification

With the increasing growth of industrial development , people for some industrial parts and industrial supplies, demand is also increasing , as is the current benefit insulating material is more , the insulating material in general we can see is the insulation paper, insulating sleeve and a series of products, such as the use of insulating sleeve , generally the biggest advantage is high temperature, corrosion , heat and other best features .

1 , a capacitive insulating sleeve General capacitive insulating sleeve is mainly used when making the tape , and this pipe biggest advantage lies in its simple structure, and maintenance is relatively easy, but this material for sealing requirements higher , with China this insulating materials technology innovation more quickly, to overcome the shortcomings of the original , carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china the development of a more flexible technical advantage .

2 , composite insulating sleeve This composite insulating sleeve, is mainly used in oil or gas as the insulating medium to use, but these are generally less than 35 kV voltage level , as the voltage exceeds the time limit , but we need to do is so as to strengthen the insulation performance to achieve better results .

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