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Common stainless steel surface treatment methods Commonly used stainless steel surface treatment technology has the following approach:

1 . Surface color bleaching treatment ;

2 . Mirror bright surface treatment ;

3 . Surface shading .

a. Surface color bleaching treatment: stainless steel in the process , through the coil , bar edges , welding or heat treatment after artificial surface roasted to produce black oxide . This hard gray black oxide is mainly NiCr2O4 and NiF two kinds EO4 ingredients commonly used previously highly corrosive hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid to remove . However, this method cost of large, polluting the environment, harmful , corrosive larger gradually be eliminated. Current oxide processing methods are mainly two kinds : Sandblasting ( pill ) France : mainly micro glass beads using spray method to remove surface black oxide . Chemical method : Use a pollution pickling and passivation paste at room temperature with a non-toxic inorganic additives for immersion cleaning fluid . Stainless steel qualities so as to achieve the purpose of the whitening process . After dealing basically looks like a dull color. This method for large , complex products more applicable .

b. Mirror bright stainless steel surface treatment : stainless steel products according to user requirements and the complexity of the situation is different respectively by mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing and other methods to achieve a mirror shine.

c. Surface shading treatment: stainless steel color stainless steel products not only gives a variety of colors , increase product varieties, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china and improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel has a unique strength , high wear resistance , excellent corrosion resistance and rust and other excellent features.

It is widely used in chemical industry , food machinery, mechanical and electrical industry , environmental industry , household appliances industry , and home decorating , finishing industry , to give people a beautiful and noble feeling. Stainless application development prospects will be more broad, but the application and development of stainless steel surface treatment largely determines its level of technological development .

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