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Alloy pipe large knowledge Raiders

Alloy tube (Alloy pipe) is a seamless steel pipe , the hydrogen-permeable palladium alloy rate and temperature , film thickness and permeability to touch both sides of the material leaking hydrogen and purity of the pressure difference (P) the . Add the proper amount of palladium and Ⅷ Group IB elements , made of palladium alloy , can improve the mechanical properties of palladium 11 automobile axle casing seamless pipe (GB3088-82) is manufactured automobile axle casing and the drive axle axle shaft tubes of high-quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel seamless hot-rolled palladium alloys , silver accounting for 20-30 %, other ingredients ( such as gold , etc. ) content of <5 %> .

Increasing the temperature , increasing the film thickness P, and reduced , the hydrogen permeability rate will increase . A tubular palladium alloy can be made (called palladium tube) or the membrane ( called the metal film) . Hydrogen and palladium alloy tube for separation of impurities . Palladium poisoning can cause certain impurities , carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china the ventilation performance deterioration even film can be destroyed. Current application of palladium alloys , silver, about 20-30 % , other ingredients ( such as gold , etc. ) content of <5 %> .

Palladium tube purified hydrogen at 300-500 ℃ under the principle of the hydrogen to be purified is passed through one side of the tube palladium hydrogen is adsorbed on palladium as palladium wall 4d lack of two electron shells can not born with hydrogen chaos chemical bonds ( palladium and hydrogen this reaction is reversible ) under the action of palladium .

Palladium can cause poisoning substances : mercury, arsenic , halides , oil vapor , dust, sulfur-and ammonia-containing substances, and the like. Alloy tube (Alloy pipe) is a seamless , its performance is much higher than the average of seamless steel tubes , steel pipes inside because of this contains Cr more , its high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance is a function of other non- pipe joints not match, so the alloy tube in the petroleum, chemical, electric power , boiler and other industries use more widely . Therefore, the use of palladium tube temperature is usually controlled at about 450 ℃ .

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