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If the temperature increases , the tensile strength will decrease penetration of exudative membrane . Palladium tube surface , dissociated gas is not impermeable , the tube can be used to obtain high purity palladium .

PC / ABS has good formability, machinability large automotive parts such as automotive fenders. Palladium is the principle of the hydrogen purification tube at 300-500 ℃ under the hydrogen to be purified through the side of the tube into the palladium , the hydrogen is adsorbed on the wall of palladium , palladium 4d shells because of the lack of two electrons, it not born with the hydrogen bond of chaos ( palladium and hydrogen this reaction is reversible ) , the role of the palladium , hydrogen is ionized proton radius of 1.5 × 1015m, while palladium lattice constant of 3.88 × 10 -10m (20 ℃ pm) , it can be by a palladium tube under the effect of the palladium and proton and electron binding and re- form hydrogen molecules from the other side of the escape palladium tube .

Although palladium to hydrogen through a unique function, but the pure palladium poor mechanical properties , high temperature oxidation, the recrystallization temperature is low , easy to palladium tube deformation and brittle, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china and therefore can not be used as a pure palladium through the membrane . Steel as an important component of steel products sector , because of its manufacturing process and used seamless steel tube is divided into different shape ( round billet ) and welded steel ( sheet , strip ) two categories.

ABS alloy pipes and special cold melt is one of the widely used in building water supply and central air conditioning especially in building water supply riser pipe and the central air conditioning unit should have .PC / ABS alloy tube can also produce automotive exterior parts, such as automotive wheel covers, mirror housings, tail lamp .

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