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Seamless steel tubes for the specific classification

Steelmaking furnace refining molten steel is cast into billets , blooms or billets into steel by pressure processing ( steel products ) . Many different types of steel , and can be divided into two types , plate, tube and wire four categories.

1 , Steel class Many varieties of steel , is a cross-sectional shape and size has a solid bar of steel. Is divided into different sections according to their shape and cross-section of two simple complicated . The former include round , square steel , flat steel, hexagonal and angle ; latter includes rails, beams, channels, steel and shaped steel frames . 6.5-9.0mm in diameter , said small round wire .

2 , Steel class Is a generous surface area than are large and flat steel. Different sub- sheet thickness ( thickness <4mm), plate ( thickness 4-25mm) and thick ( thickness > 25mm) three. Steel strip included in the class .

3 , Pipe class Is a long hollow section steel . Different cross-sectional shapes can be divided according to their tube, square tube , carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china hexagonal tubes and a variety of profiled steel . According to different process seamless and welded steel pipe can be divided into two categories .

4 , Wire class Steel wire is again cold products. By different shapes of round wire , flat wire and wire triangles , etc. In addition to the direct use of steel , but also for the production of steel wire rope, steel strand , and other products.

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