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What is steel Hollow steel conveyor structure, usually cylindrical, as the material held .

The tube is what ? It is mainly used to convey liquids or gases in a liquid suspension of solid , i.e., slurries. It is also used as a conduit for electrical wires. Probably early made from bamboo pipe , used to carry water c.5000 BC by the Chinese people to make BC the Egyptians first metal pipe copper c.3000, until the iron became relatively cheap in the first 18 minutes . Most tubes made of stone or wood by the boring , clay , lead, and , occasionally , copper or bronze . Modern materials include cast iron , wrought iron , steel, copper , brass , lead, concrete , wood, glass and plastic.

Welded steel pipe by bending the strip into a tube form and by the resistance welded longitudinal seam made by oxy-acetylene welding, or by heating the tube and press the edges together . Seamless tube made of a rounded nose of a solid shaft is made of the longitudinal length of the metal piercing . Steel, introduced in the early 20th century points. The material is extremely organized is widely used in high-pressure and temperature. Cast iron pipe , carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china and therefore generally in the 19th century into the 1940s, the underground resistance to corrosion better than steel and is frequently used . Clay and concrete sewage pipe normally carried and concrete pipe are also used to transport irrigation water at low pressure ; For moderate pressure , strengthen the concrete and steel or mixed with asbestos.

Seamless pipe for the copper and brass pipes and boilers . Because of its softness and resistance against corrosion , the protagonist use of flexible connections and is not carrying drinking water pipes . Chemical and food industries glass tube. During World War II development of plastic pipe manufacturer to replace metal in short supply . Today PVC pipe is widely used in some corrosive liquid waste and transport . A pipeline transporting from water, gas , oil and many other fluids long .

In placing the pipeline , (12-m) section of 40ft steel seamless welded together with electrons , when held in the grooves. Before the pipe is lowered into place and wrapped with a protective paint coating material consisting of asbestos and fiberglass blankets and treated . Pumping identify 50到75 mi (80-120 km) separate backup help reduce pressure for up to 1,500 lb per square . In the . Must " keep the pigs rule uses clean, apply a negative electric charge through a tube or" by the pair, or wash ball , is inserted at one end and carried by the tide pipeline system . Pipeline 6 (15 cm) to 24 (60 cm) in diameter at its contents to move from about 3 to 6 mi (5-10 km) per hour. Ever since the ancient times called the aqueduct pipes , Water has been moved . 19 points in the first period , the first natural gas and oil pipelines in the United States was built .

Today, in many parts of the world the pipe is very important for different fluid delivery means . Trans Arabian pipeline transporting oil from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean , long-term 1,000 mi (1,600 km). There are more than 180,000 mi (288,000 km) pipeline in the United States alone .

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