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Features and application of flexible pipe

Canada is a long 2km, to 6in diameter pipeline , was shut down because of corrosion problems . The pipeline ’s route through the zone to be 5 to 6 landowners to apply for the construction of a new pipeline is particularly difficult , therefore , decided to repair the pipeline . Wellstream company repair method used is a flexible steel onto the old pipe , so you can not re-apply for the purchase of new pipe , saving the expense and reduce damage to the environment .

The repair of the pipeline is used to transport liquid carbon dioxide to the injection wells to enhance oil production . In leading the wellhead where there are two 90 ° bends and a highway through the place. Penetrate the pipe to go through before pigging operations , removal of obstacles such work.

There are four layers of the flexible pipe , the inner layer is extruded thermoplastic tube , the seal in the transfer liquid ; intermediate layers is filled with a carbon -lined polyethylene tube , which has a long-term resistance to ultraviolet radiation, , carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china and to exclude external static . The outermost layer is thick extruded outer shield to protect the bottom of the tube against external influences. Standard flexible pipe pressure rating meets the applicable ANSI classification, such as grade 300 equivalent 5.15MPa; Level 400 is equivalent to 6.89MPa; Level 600 is equivalent to 10.3MPa.

Offshore flexible pipe design is based on API 17J, 17K and RP 17B. The land use of flexible pipe design standards deviate slightly from the API standards, the use of API 17J classification methods and materials , its pressure, tension and damage limits are in the specified range .

Test in accordance with the requirements of API RP 17B of . The terminal fitting is designed to maintain structural integrity to meet to ensure the inner and outer layer of extruded sealing requirements, and to ensure the tensile and pressure loads to the pipe structure. After blasting the terminal parts of the sample and the axial tensile test .

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