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Seamless steel pipe production process and technology

Prepare the steel pipe and tube heating tube → → → then perforated tube of semi-finished steel tube annealing starts → → → Pipe oiled steel pickling ( copper ) → multi-pass drawing (cold ) → Semis tube heat-treated steel pipe straightening → → → pipe hydrostatic test ( testing ) → → recent steel pipe marking storage ( seamless steel pipe production technology process ) Experimental testing of steel tubes The chemical composition of steel pipe -1 For the detection of the chemical composition of steel , the main purpose is to determine whether the batch is finished pipe product meets the standard grade , and as a result of this analysis determined that the batch of finished pipe basis.

Currently, the Institute of pipe to complete the analysis of the instruments bulk chemical composition of the finished pipe is mainly used direct reading spectrometer , carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china carbon and sulfur analyzer to complete the task of producing a large number of online detection of the finished tube , now these two instruments in order to make a brief introduction : Fundamental Spectroscopy is the use of the material in the external excitation energy and emit light to determine the composition of a technical matter , it ’s progress and development in physics and chemistry inseparable. Molecular and atomic composition of the material and its properties by using the property difference component substances can be determined .

Under certain conditions, the material capable of emitting a characteristic spectrum , the presence of substances to determine the spectrum using this property . The measurement results obtained by spectral analysis can only give the type and content of the element composition of matter , can not show the structure of matter . Spectroscopy of three ways : linear spectrum band spectrum and the continuous spectrum. Spectral characteristics of steel.

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