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Direct reading spectrometer is mainly used for the finished tube C, Si, Mn, P, S, Ni, Cr, Mo, Cu, Al, V, Ti, Nb, B, Zn and five harmful elements (Pb, Sn, As, Sb, Bi quantitative analysis tasks , the current product testing instrument used was ARL4460, such analytical instruments has the following characteristics : a high-sensitivity analysis , trace analysis , and can be Trace analysis of the relative sensitivity of analytical instruments up to ppm level ,

1 The instrument suitable for trace analysis and trace analysis ; 

2 Pairs of varying sensitivity levels ;

3 Sources have good stability and reproducibility ;

4 Light inspired by the lines do not background or Beijing is very low ; varies

5 Analysis without sample organizational structure ;

6 Pre-combustion , and exposure time is short ;

7 When the analysis of a small sample of the destruction , carried out the so-called micro- damage or destructive analysis ;

8 Rapid analysis : an analysis of instrumental analysis can be completed cycle ( about 1 minute in a short time , suitable for bulk analysis and automated analysis ;

9 Small sample required for analysis : instrumental analysis simply based on an analysis of steel, select the appropriate standard steel , can be analyzed outcome ;

10 Instrumental analysis is widely used , in addition to the analysis of iron-based samples, but also for nickel base , chromium-based sample testing . Pipe -1.1.3 standard sample Spectral analysis is a quantitative comparison of the method relies on the analysis of the samples made using standard curve , and then to find out the content of the working curve of the unknown sample , the standard sample is very important.

It must have the following basic requirements: a high degree of uniformity should ; 23456 close to the chemical composition analysis of samples ; structural state of the sample and analysis of the structure should be as close as possible ; content range should be slightly larger than the samples were analyzed to ensure that the reliability of the results ; should have a stable state , and to maintain long-term ; analysis of the results by a few elements of the unit of analysis is given , it is best to use standard steel has a certificate.

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