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Production of raw steel Raw materials Source of steel is iron ore, namely iron (Fe) exists in nature in the form of pure iron does not exist in nature , the iron ore is divided into magnetite, hematite , limonite three species , which are oxides of iron , except that for the oxidation mode .

The iron content of iron ore as high as possible , in theory, the highest iron content of iron ore at about 72% , more than 60% iron content in the ore is called rich . The first reduction in the furnace of iron ore into iron ( pig iron ) , and then into the steelmaking furnace decarbonization refining into steel , scrap can be regenerated in smelting furnaces . The general nature of the steel made in accordance with the intended use and shapes of goods, both the so-called iron and steel products .

Iron and steel products is usually iron ore reduction , melting into pig iron ( refining and milling ) , refined pig iron into steel ( steel ) , steel re- rolling , processed into a variety of steel products, iron and steel products contain broad cast iron, cast steel, forged steel products and steel processing products. Before discussing the raw material of steel , we need to figure out exactly what is the difference of steel and iron ? Are there different components of it? In daily life we always put on steel and iron linked together referred to as " steel " , carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china visible steel and iron should be a matter fishes ; fact, the scientific point of view, steel and iron is a little different their main ingredients are of iron , but the amount of carbon contained in the different elements . We carbon content generally called " pig " of 2% or more lower than this value is called " steel ." Thus, in the steel smelting process, the first iron ore in a blast furnace (blast furnace) ( BF ) in the molten pig iron is smelted into , and then again into the molten pig iron furnaces (steel making furnace) in refined steel.

Steel raw materials needed to discuss were divided into four categories : The first category is discussed in a variety of raw ore containing iron ; second category is coal and coke ; third category is discussed in the smelting process used to make clinker (sl * g) of the flux (or flux flux), such as limestone , etc. ; last category is a variety of auxiliary materials , such as scrap material (scrap), oxygen.

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