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Iron ore types and distribution In theory , any ore containing iron or iron compounds can be called iron ore . However, commercial or industrial , the iron ore is not only to contain ingredients , and must have the value of the use of the job . However , since it is difficult to determine an absolute ore is of value , so that the iron ore industry is difficult to set a standard . For example , the European iron ore produced poor quality and low iron content, simply because they can not find good ore , so they put this iron ore is called ; while in Australia, because of good quality high iron content of the ore stock lot, so like the kind used in Europe ore in Australia have been considered worthless. Then, in the iron ore used in Europe , the steel industry in the United States will not be considered to be the iron ore . Another example is that in the past was considered too low to no value iron ore , due to the current progress of industrial technology, developed many inexpensive way to iron ore enriched ingredients , so these low iron content of the ore will become a valuable ore .

Thus, we conclude the conclusion that the standard in the industry for the determination of iron ore , with the regional supply and demand conditions change and transportation industry technical standards and change. Current standards, the average iron content of the ore is about 25% or more , was known to have use value of iron ore. Iron compounds are present in a state of nature, in particular the amount of iron oxide is particularly present in the state . Several of the more important now proposed iron ore Description: ( first three are the main types )

( 1 ) Magnetite (Magnetite) is an iron ore , the main ingredient of Fe3O4, Fe2O3 and FeO is complex , was dark gray , the proportion of about 5.15 or so , with Fe 72.4%, 27.6% O, magnetic . In beneficiation (Beneficiation) magnetic separation method can be used when handling very convenient ; but because of its fine structure , it is reducing poor. After long after weathering becomes hematite .

( 2 ) Hematite (Hematite) is a kind of iron ore , the main ingredient of Fe2O3, dark red, specific gravity of about 5.26 , with Fe 70%, 30% O, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china is the most important iron ore . By its own structure in different conditions can be divided into many categories, such as red hematite (Red Hematite), specular hematite (Specularhematite), mica, iron ore (Micaceous hematite), clay hematite (Red Ocher) and so on.

( 3 ) limonite (Limonite) which is iron ore containing hydrogen . It is goethite (Goethite) HFeO2 and scale iron ore (Lepidocrocite) FeO (OH) two different structures ore collectively , it was written in the formula m its main ingredients Fe2O3nH2O, showing yellowish brown or brown , containing about 62% Fe , 27% O, H2O 11%, the proportion of about 3.6 to 4.0, mostly attached to the presence of other iron ore being .

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