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Seamless steel storage method

Select the appropriate venue and the Treasury

( 1 ) Pipe custody venue or warehouse , should be selected in clean, smooth drainage area, away from harmful gases or dust in mines . Presence on the ground to clear the weeds and all debris, keeping a clean pipe

( 2 ) May not be in a warehouse with acid, alkali, salt , cement, steel pipe and other materials have aggressive stacked together . Different varieties of steel should be piled separately to prevent confusion and prevent contact corrosion

( 3 ) Large steel , rail , shame steel , large diameter pipe, forgings , etc., may open dumps

( 4 ) Small and medium steel, wire rod , rebar , medium diameter pipe , steel wire and wire rope , etc. , can be expected in a well-ventilated storage shed , but it must be on the thatch underlay

( 5 ) Some small pipe , sheet , strip , silicon , carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china or thin-walled steel pipes of small diameter , a variety of cold-rolled, cold drawn steel tubes and high prices, corrosive metal products, can be stored in storage

( 6) The Treasury should be selected according to geographical conditions , the general ordinary enclosed warehouse , that roof with walls , doors and windows tight, with the Treasury ventilation device

( 7 ) Requires the Treasury sunny attention to ventilation , rain close attention to moisture , and keep proper storage environment

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