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Reasonable stacking , advanced first put .

( 1) The principle requires stacking is stable under palletizing ensure safe conditions , so by species , size palletizing , different varieties of materials were stacking to prevent confusion and mutual corrosion .

( 2 ) Prohibit storing corrosive effect on steel items near the pile position .

( 3 ) Should be padded bottom stack , strong, smooth, prevent moisture or .deformed material

( 4 ) Has the same kind of materials were put in storage by stacking , easy to implement the principles of advanced pre-emptive .

( 5 ) Open dumps of steel , the following must be wood or stone mat , pile surface is slightly tilted to facilitate drainage , and pay attention to the material placed flat against bending caused .

( 6 ) Stack height does not exceed the manual operation of 1.2m, 1.5m mechanical operation does not exceed , the stack does not exceed 2.5m wide Should leave some channels between .

( 7 ) Stacks and stacks , check the road is generally O. 5m, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china depending on the size of the material of access and transport machinery , are generally 1.5 to 2 . Om .

( 8 ) Booster stack at the end , if the concrete floor warehouse Chaoyang , booster O. 1m to ; case of mud, shall elevate O. 2 ~ 0.5m. For open space , concrete floor padded O.3 ~ O .5m, sand and mud surface booster 0.5 ~ O. 7m .

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