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The basic method of seamless steel rust With China’s sustained economic development, the energy industry to develop the country , long-distance oil and gas pipelines are an important way to energy security in the oil (gas ) pipeline corrosion during construction , steel surface treatment is a key factor in the decision to pipeline corrosion life First, it is the ability to securely and steel pipe coating combines premise.

Validated by research institutions , in addition to the life of the coating depends on the type of coating , coating quality and construction environment and other factors , the surface of the steel pipe coating treatment on the life of about 50 %, therefore, should be strictly in accordance with the specifications of the coating steel surface requirements , and continuously explore and summarize the continuous improvement of the pipe surface treatment.

1, Cleaning A solvent , emulsion clean steel surface to achieve the removal of oil, grease, dirt , organic lubricant and the like , but it can not remove the steel surface rust , oxide, flux , etc., so that only the anti-corrosion coating as an adjunct .

2 ,The tool rust The main use of tools such as steel wire brush to polish the surface , you can remove loose or warped scale, rust , welding slag . Hand tools rust can reach Sa2 grade power tools rust can reach Sa3 level , if attached to a solid steel surface oxide scale , carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china the effect is not ideal tools rust , corrosion than the depth of the anchor pattern construction requirements .

3 , Pickling General chemical and electrolytic pickling two methods do , pipeline corrosion using only chemical pickling can descaling , rust, old paint , sometimes used as a sand-blasting after reprocessing . Although chemical cleaning can achieve a certain surface cleanliness and roughness , but the anchor pattern light , and easy to pollute the environment.

4 , Spray ( throwing ) radio rust Spray ( throwing ) radio rust is driven spray ( throwing) radio power motor speed by rotating blades , so that grit, steel shot , wire segments, abrasive minerals under the centrifugal force on the steel surface spray ( throwing) radio deal can not only completely remove rust, oxides and dirt, and steel under severe abrasive impact and friction effects , but also to achieve uniform roughness need. Spray ( throwing ) radio rust , not only can expand the physical adsorption of the tube surface , and can enhance the mechanical adhesion of the coating and the pipe surface.

Therefore , spray ( throwing ) radio rust rust is an ideal way of pipeline corrosion . Generally, blasting ( sand ) blasting the tube is mainly used for surface treatment , shot blasting ( sand ) blasting the outer surface of the pipe is mainly used for treatment . Using spray ( throwing ) radio rust should pay attention to several issues .

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