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Seamless precision steel industry needs Seamless precision steel widely used as mechanical industrial pipe, pressure pipe, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder tube, hydraulic pipelines, chemical pipe, chemical equipment and pipeline pipe, automotive transmission and axle casing pipe, petroleum geology industrial pipe, bearing steel, belt conveyor roller tubes, printing roller tube, power boiler and heat exchanger tubes. As China’s economy continues to grow and technology continues to progress, seamless precision steel will continue to expand the range of applications, the demand will be growing.

Seamless precision steel industry needs: Engineering hydraulic machinery: hydraulic truck crane, excavators, bulldozers, forklifts and so on. Bearing industry: the production of the current Rolling seat to round as raw material, made by stamping the slice. Large bearing race will be hollowed out to make a solid bar of metal utilization of less than 40 percent, the urgent need for precision, bearing steel thick-walled pipes. Hydropower gate hoist, template machines, especially the Three Gorges Project is a great demand in the coming decade. Coal mine hydraulic support: the current national production downhole hydraulic support enterprises have 48, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china the total demand for high-precision drawing about 1.2 million meters.  Construction machinery: Aerial lifting machinery, construction and renovation of the building is also inseparable from the general hydraulic machinery.

Ordnance: military departments now use guns tube spinning methods of processing, spinning method and the high cost of production is low, with the drawing method is more suitable for production.  Automotive: 95 years with seamless precision steel shaft 6,000 tons, 10,000 tons axle casing and various pipelines and so on. Aviation Industry: Aluminum landing gear and thick-walled steel pipe and so on. Petroleum Geology tube: Each country needs pumping oil pump 30,000 units per year, the annual consumption of precision tubes 20-40 meters, but can also use this technology finishing all types of drill pipe. Jack industries: manufacturing a considerable strength of the jack, exports promising.

Each jack cylinder manufacturers currently use more solid bar machining, low production efficiency, waste material is high-precision seamless precision steel tubes for urgent needs. Other areas: various printing rollers, roller roller tube, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, Pipes and tubes, etc. can be employed both inside and outside the complex technical production.

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