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Seamless elbow molding process As bend pipe bend pipe, seamless pipe elbow became one of the pipe fittings are widely used in. Because of the popular seamless elbow, making it the forming process has been more widely spread.

Generally speaking, according to the different materials can be formed with the wall pushed wide process is divided into hot forming, stamping and extrusion in three ways. In addition, there is a more complex shape way, this does not make too much introduction. Seamless elbow punch press forming principle: equal to the outer diameter of the tube with the elbow, the direct use of the press in a mold press forming. Seamless elbow suitable for small production quantities, the wall thickness is too thick or products with special requirements and low cost.

Principle seamless elbow push hot forming: Special elbow pushing machine, mandrel and heating device, so that the mold sets in the blank under the impetus of the movement system pushed forward, is heated in motion, expanding forming and bending process.

Seamless elbow appearance, uniform thickness and continuous operation, suitable for mass production. Heating: IF or high-frequency induction heating, flame heating furnace heating and reflection. Extruded seamless elbow principle: molding machine dedicated elbow, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china the outer tube into the mold, the upper and lower mold clamping, push the plunger in, the tube along the inner and outer dies Reserved movement gap forming process is completed.

Seamless elbow appearance, uniform thickness, small size deviation; inside and outside the mold, high precision; tube wall thickness deviation requirements are more demanding.

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