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Large-diameter straight seam steel pipe knowledge introduction

Abroad, the proportion of long-distance pipelines straight seam steel pipe was 80%, while domestic contrary, currently only 20%, along with economic development, we raise awareness, especially the importance of safety, and improve engineering design specifications, New oil pipelines in the country, large-diameter straight seam steel pipe applications increasing over time.

Large-diameter straight seam steel pipe processing, once the two side plates processed into the desired form, plate edge milling machine will use both sides of the plate material for pipe machining, and to the edge of the two plates parallel to achieve the specified tolerances within the range for the manufacture of high-precision steel tubes to prepare.

Make steel with steel plate edge radius equal to the radius of curvature forming steel, with steel pre-bent edge milling machine machined steel plates on both sides of the weld groove edges pre-bending. Prevent molding machine molding steel produced long straight edge to ensure roundness steel. Further commissure and pre-welded, steel molding machine pre-qualified welder will open tube for inside and outside the weld preparation.

Welding carriage transporting workpieces to walk along the track. Within double wire welding machine for large diameter pipe joints automatic submerged arc welding, with the hosts to achieve the workpiece welding. Welding carriage transporting workpieces to walk along the track, two-wire, welding: straight seam steel pipes used for automatic submerged arc welding, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china with the hosts to achieve the workpiece welding.

To change the pipe roundness, pipe sizing: poor roundness long tube piecewise exert strong pressure from the outside, so as to meet the relevant specifications and requirements. Check whether the steel requirements under pressure penetration defects, 3000T hydraulic test machine: The pipe pressure test. Eliminate welding stress and forming stress, thus ensuring pipe performance. Able to detect longitudinal and transverse defects and heat affected zone stratification defects. Line ultrasonic testing equipment: 100% of the whole weld line ultrasonic nondestructive testing.

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