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Features spiral pipe production

Hand open tools rust can reach Sa2 grade power tools rust can be reached Sa3 level, if attached to solid iron steel exterior skin, the effectiveness of the tool does not rust fantasy, anchor pattern depth of less than pickling corrosion construction request.

Straight seam pipe stress suffered precisely perpendicular to the main pipe to the lowest impact direction, and then stagger the spiral steel pipe minimum impact to the direction of the spiral weld pipe length advantage changed hand. Spiral steel from corrosion approach which inhibit certain processes. In the use of the process, the main stress direction spiral steel pipe, steel pipe that is indeed the axial direction than the equivalent length of straight seam tube defects small;

Second, due to pipeline are rolled steel, toughness greater isotropic, smooth rolling CVN values in the direction perpendicular to the rolling direction than CVN value of 3 times. If the pipe wall plus anti-corrosion coating, can increase the loop resistance, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china adding corrosion current; external DC power supply, the steel pipe on the soil constitutes a negative potential, constitute cathodic protection can eliminate the potential difference between the anode and cathode, anode and cathode from essentially abort the process aborted.

The use of tools such as steel wire brush polished appearance suspension, capable of removing loose or warped scale, rust, welding slag. Therefore, anti-corrosion coating and cathodic protection sheet of the phase separation is the way to rid the economy and void. Anticorrosive coating rule table, cathodic protection law standard. But once the anti-corrosion coating is damaged, partially exposed iron will decelerate localized corrosion. United States and other countries have understood the rules, using the anti-corrosion coating, while the necessary cathodic protection. But on rural gas piecemeal, because the public network dense, cathodic protection applied power disturb other large pipeline would constitute his own benefit, the benefit of his family scenes.

Lower pressure on the other non-trunk pipelines, the general indirect method using anti-corrosion coating. The anode protection laws adopted potential negative metal than steel spiral pipe connected to the data and does not render such a situation, therefore, rural gas gas mains should approach anti-corrosion coating and corrosion anode phase separation.

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