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Spiral welded pipe technology and market conditions

Career as a member of the tube, spiral welded steel pipe should have asked, some parameters like raw product, specification parameter and so should have known that a good business should own the product at a glance, if it were not possible, Let’s talk about what the future has to carry it? Spiral welded pipe imports in the third quarter will rise by nearly 30% compared with the second quarter of the price. Many small and medium domestic spiral welded pipe plant has been in limited production cuts, a large spiral pipe plant is not strong willingness to limit production, many spiral pipe plant by arranging hopes to overhaul the way through this difficult period. Three quarters of spiral welded pipe downstream industrial users of traditional sales season. Spiral welded pipe production process is simple, high production efficiency, low cost, to carry out faster.

Strength than ordinary spiral welded pipe Longitudinal, can also be produced with the same width of the billet narrow diameter pipe billet strange production of large diameter pipe. However, compared with the same straight seam pipe length, weld length add 30 to 100%, and lower production rate. Thus, the choice of most of the smaller diameter pipe straight seam welded, large diameter spiral welded pipe for the most choice. Spiral welded steel refers to the deformation of the strip or plate turns round, square and other shapes and then welded into the appearance jointed pipe.

By arc welding pipe can be divided into a strange way, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china high or low frequency electric resistance welded pipe, gas pipe, stove pipe, Bundy tubes. Longitudinal welds can be divided according to the shape and spiral welded pipe. Welded steel pipe used in oil drilling and machinery production industry. Stove pipe can be used as water-gas pipe, large diameter pipe for high pressure oil and gas from the seam and transportation; spiral welded pipe for oil and gas transportation, piles, piers, etc. Seamless steel pipe welded steel pipe is lower than cost, high production efficiency.

Although three quarters of spiral welded pipe prices have not yet been finalized, but the spiral welded spot price in the second quarter continue to rise, the industry is expected in the third quarter of spiral welded pipe prices will have to rise in the second quarter, based on the formation of spiral welded pipe may spot market The "upside down." Domestic turnover spiral welded pipe market is not supported, the overall market is still in a weaker state, the import market is still the performance of spiral welded pipe spiral welded pipe down market, traders still look weak on the latter, for actively cleaning up inventory.

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