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Seamless steel pipe production capacity

Seamless steel pipe (including OCTG) the existing production capacity already exceeds demand. Therefore, the future focus should be on full capacity of the existing units, the development of high-strength grade, high combat damage, high resistance to corrosion of oil pipes, high-pressure boiler tubes and cylinders pipe and other products.

Content countries also optimize the product structure of China’s steel market against the current. However, compared with the same length of straight seam pipe, weld length of 30 to 100%, and lower production rate. Seamless steel pipe is mainly used for oil and gas pipelines, its specifications diameter * wall thickness, said the company has a seamless steel pipe production line can produce seamless steel tubes using SY/T5037-2000, GB/T9711.11997GB/T9711.2 -1999 Standard APISpec5L standard production 219-3000mmX5-30mm. Seamless steel tubes are widely used in construction and mining of the three municipal markets.

Seamless steel strip and sheet material has a thickness of 19mm or more in the sheet metal. Is a low-carbon or low-alloy carbon steel structural steel strip at a certain helix angle (called molding angle) rolled into a tube, and the tube made of welded joints, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china which can be used to produce a narrow strip large diameter pipe.

In the context of the international financial crisis, China has become the hardest hit by foreign steel anti-dumping and countervailing cases. In addition to U.S. and European markets closed the door, the current Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, India and other places are also in the suit, and has gradually expanded the scope of the product concerned, which triggered a chain reaction worrying.

Spiral Pipe Plant in force of the financial crisis, changing the quality of their products, the company’s management has also been adjusted, and ultimately the company has not been overwhelming financial crisis, was reborn.

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