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Straight seam steel brittle fracture treatment

Straight seam steel pipe breakage studies, mostly by brittle fracture, and related components use temperature when the temperature drops below a certain temperature, the material will be transformed into a brittle state, the impact absorbed energy decreased, a phenomenon known as cold crisp, high-strength low-stress brittle metallic materials occur in the fracture process, the organization is far from homogeneous isotropic material organization will crack, there will be inclusions, porosity and other defects, which can be read microcracks in the material become so, but also according to the operating temperature of the member to select a material having suitable cold-brittle transition temperature design.

Straight seam welded steel pipe is the use of high-frequency alternating current skin effect and proximity effect, steel (steel) after roll forming, forming a circular cross-section tube disconnected in the induction coil surrounding the tube near the center rotation of one or a group resistor (magnet), the opening of the impedance tube with a magnetic induction loop is formed in the skin effect and proximity effect, the opening edge of the tube to produce a strong and focused heat effect, the welding seam edge quickly heated to the desired temperature by pressing rollers welded extruded metal in a molten state to achieve indirect co-crystal, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china forming a firm butt welds after cooling. As the hot-rolled steel billet straight seam cracks and other defects or high-precision drawing was made after the fuel tank when cold drawn seamless steel tubes.

Fracture during use, almost no plastic deformation occurred, generally are brittle fracture. Brittle fault is caused by a variety of reasons, such as: There is a grain boundary precipitates, whether strong or weak strength intensity than the matrix, are all reasons for the occurrence of cracks.

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