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Seamless steel industry faces difficulties

Seamless steel pipe industry is now facing difficulties in the industry is largely self-development to a certain stage of the inevitable, and the macroeconomic environment, not "to produce jacking ’policy can be solved. In addition to the expected results based micro policies, seamless steel industry is currently facing difficulties not yet to the point of impasse. Admittedly, this year seamless steel pipe industry had a very bad day, dismal earnings, the most recent of. Since 2005, China’s seamless steel pipe production capacity has grown, the level of production technology to enhance the synchronization, significantly reduced compared to the previous steel imports in recent years, maintained at 1500-1600 tons, which still accounts for the general trade protagonists, processing and feed processing trade Trade accounts for about half of the total, but only the absolute amount of about 800 million tons. 1-6 months CISA 80 member companies only 2.39 billion yuan profit, June industry loss of 34%. However, compared with the 1990s, is still relatively good, at least not yet appeared seamless steel companies unable to pay wages, steel mills and other personnel around the phenomenon of credit.

Since seamless steel industry has not stepped into an impasse, why the Government should "reach out to the rescue?" Implying a bit difficult as long as the industry, it is necessary to the national policy? This phenomenon is not only not really help the industry out of the woods, but will reduce the pressure on enterprises so that they "lie" in the government’s help, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china do not want innovation, industrial restructuring and upgrading eventually turned into a hollow.

Assuming the implementation of the "middle jacking" policy, even if fully implemented, can not increase domestic steel demand to 10 million tons, while China’s steel (including repeated material) annual production of over 800 million tons, described as inadequate. Moreover, due to the quality of products, foreign companies tend to use domestic raw materials and other reasons, processing and feed processing hundred percent less likely to replace the steel required. Thus, "to produce jacking" effect of the policy is expected to be extremely limited.

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