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In addition to embroider straight seam steel pipe method

In the oil and gas pipeline corrosion during construction, straight seam steel surface treatment is one of the key factors that determine the service life of pipeline corrosion, it is with a straight seam steel pipe coating can bind strongly to the premise. Research studies by professional organizations, in addition to the life of the coating depends on the type of coating, coating quality and construction and environmental factors, straight seam steel pipe surface coating treatment on the life of about 50%, therefore, should be strictly in accordance with the preservative layer specifications for straight seam steel surface requirements, continuous improvement straight seam steel surface treatment.

In addition to embroider straight seam steel pipe method:

1, spray rust Rust spray jet vanes are driven by high-speed rotation motor, steel shot, steel grit, wire segments, abrasive minerals under the powerful centrifugal force of the motor straight seam steel surface spray treatment can not only completely remove the oxide , rust and dirt, but also in the role of straight seam steel abrasive violent impact and friction, but also needed to achieve uniform roughness.

2, cleaning A solvent, emulsion clean steel surface to achieve the removal of oil, grease, dirt, organic lubricant and the like, carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturer china but it can not remove the stainless steel surface, oxide, flux, etc., so that only in Hofu job as an adjunct.

3, tools rust The main use of tools such as steel wire brush to polish the surface, you can remove loose scale, rust, welding slag.

Hand tools rust can reach Sa2 grade power tools rust can reach Sa3 level, if attached to a solid steel surface oxide scale, the effect is not ideal tools rust, corrosion than the depth of the anchor pattern construction requirements. 4, pickling General chemical and electrolytic pickling two methods do, pipeline corrosion using only chemical pickling can descaling, rust, old paint, sometimes used as a sand-blasting after reprocessing.

Although chemical cleaning can achieve a certain surface cleanliness and roughness, but the anchor pattern shallow, and likely to cause pollution of the surrounding environment.

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