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carbon seamless steel pipe  market in the short term primarily contemplation

2014 New Year is about to come near the end , accompanied by rain and snow weather comes, we ushered in the second day , everything is not so smooth , but the author argues that the best and wait patiently for the steel trade , inaction, so as to usher in a stage success in 27simn seamless steel mall , following the author from the following analysis to quiet down the main reason.

Internal inventory , although monthly 27simn seamless steel output was further reduced condition , but in need bad situation on the steel market is not the time to reduce the effect of supply and demand . According to CISA calculations, in early January , the National 27simn seamless steel output estimate is 1,997,000 tons date , late mom incremental 36,200 tons , an increase of 1.9%; carbon seamless steel pipe  business inventories in early January at the end of 12,142,000 ton, compared with the previous ten days late decreased 732,000 tons , 5.69% lower than the ring . And past data show, February and March are 27simn seamless steel output fast release times, I estimate the short-term 27simn seamless steel pipe output or increased. Together social inventory , to January 24 , major cities nationwide inventory reaches 14.3 million tons , adding 928,500 tons than the previous week .

This aspect is steel end send the goods caused by gradual market , partly because agents forced the goods, although still less than the same period last year , inventory successive adding it is an indisputable reality. The low value of the stock has increased significantly , indicating malls pressure is still increasing . Although the New Year come near the end of the replenishment downstream businesses move about to start, but the sudden rain and snow weather , but to give the steel mills and steel trade are a blow , so the supply and demand aspects of what is good is bad we still have to gradually survey , so the steel trade Do not blindly makers have been bid up or ship-based pricing, I think the best way is still based on static survey -based.

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