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2014 started carbon seamless steel pipe  mode of operation "Breakout war"

Over the years , along with changes in the economic situation at home and abroad , especially in the market for a long time upside down steel mall , Shanghai  carbon seamless steel pipe  career loss operations have altered traditional ways of operating . Although such changes will now attack a few years earlier , but in 2014 , carbon seamless steel pipe  will be fought the way they operate . " Siege ."

Generally speaking, the way they operate is characterized by the inherent resolution of goods and mall operators will follow changes in the environment and the onset of changes. Follow such changes , the traditional operating mode will gradually let out of proportion must malls, standing differences will gradually expand the way they operate the mall ratio. 2013 , Shanghai 27simn seamless steel occupational shortage of funds , career earnings situation stumbled , some companies funding strand breaks ...... everything seems to have it all marked ,  carbon seamless steel pipe  career has not satisfied the traditional operating mode of economic development of modern society needs. 27simn Seamless Steel Tube Company To obtain a stable long time to carry out , it is necessary to break the bottleneck of traditional carriers to operate as a stand different weapons , fired 27simn seamless steel operating mode " siege ."

Memories 2013 carbon seamless steel pipe  operations internships, professional seamless steel pipe is easy to see 27simn changes follow the traditional way of shopping mall operators operating environment , is presenting a harbinger of decomposition : a part of the traditional way they operate is in decline, such as swap , moving bricks, Acting mall operators such as reduce the proportion of the way a lot of possession , especially steel trader forces acting in former times a year in a substantial "weight ", which contact 27simn seamless steel cut funding shortages and surpluses and others have inevitable ; also part of the way they operate on the basis of the traditional somewhat different and are being followed , such as trays , booking , online shopping , such as the way they operate , strengthen supervision and after handling refinement links , shopping malls proportion increased. In addition, spot transactions and online shopping , it is also given birth to many new ways of operating , and blooming strong vitality, and worthy of attention. Overall, in 2014 started the way they operate to carbon seamless steel pipe  " siege " , shall be in the following four winning the "war " inside.

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