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carbon seamless steel pipe  not significantly ease the supply pressure seamless steel demand remained stable release

2013 , the supply pressure seamless steel pipe market is facing domestic carbon seamless steel pipe  still increasing , there is no significant opposition oversupply reduced. Although affected by the haze frequently presents climate nationwide , the government has increased the environmental remediation efforts must be limited extent carbon seamless steel pipe  seamless steel companies produced on , but the effect is not very significant.

For example , from the beginning of March this year , Hebei region launched several environmental remediation actions , including the March 25 , Hebei Province Environmental Protection Agency proposed new production equipment for private lines and extensions ( expansion ) carbon seamless steel pipe  production capacity , sintering companies, immediately ordered to suspend construction ; do not meet industrial policy, backward production facilities , according to the Hebei provincial government agreed to shut down resolutely demand the revocation ; construction of low- level pollution control equipment , emissions of pollutants not qualified to conduct term management ; early July , Tangshan EPA again demand " to mitigate climate haze air pollution , occupational adoption of limited production , production methods, reduce air pollution ," and proposed ways to limit production on sintering , coking and other equipment ; December , is facing increasingly serious fog haze climate, Handan area needs to be conducted a week-long brownouts limited production , some carbon seamless steel pipe  production lines and some companies are affected . However, this does not affect the entire supply side .

National Bureau of Statistics data show that in January 2013 - November , China 's seamless steel pipe output carbon seamless steel pipe  cumulative reach 712.862 million tons , an increase of 51.676 million tons , an increase of 7.8%; carbon seamless steel pipe  reach a total value of 978.782 million tons of seamless steel tubes , an increase of 100.803 million tons , an increase of 11.5%. Sub- species perspective, the cumulative value of the national construction carbon seamless steel pipe  to reach 398.28 million tons , an increase of 41.774 million tons , an increase of 11.7% ; rolled coil to reach a total value of 113.442 million tons , an increase of 13.686 million tons , an increase of to 13.72% . As can be seen , the incremental resource supply on the market is still large .

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