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carbon seamless steel pipe  price momentum has basically ended up short

Towards the end of a wave of seamless steel spot prices 27simn momentum , soon passed , 27simn seamless steel back weak downtrend . Because the temperature is lowered over the outdoor started limited effect 27simn seamless steel cold season flashed , indecent needs to shrink further .

According to the latest statement of the mall , recently week, the domestic spot carbon seamless steel pipe  price index failed to generalize the previous rally consecutive week, falling 0.29 %. Rebar futures continued weakness down , billets and other raw materials also quoted steady weak , shopping malls determination was certainly impact. Current , carbon seamless steel pipe  downstream needs to shrink further . Even if the average daily crude steel output down , the primary types of social 27simn seamless steel stocks decline, it is difficult to continue to prop up the carbon seamless steel pipe  upward trend in prices.

According to the analysis , the mall on the plate , even though the overall is still rising , but the increase is minimal. Shanghai , Guangzhou and other places , weeks or as long as the plate t price of about 10-40 yuan , Nanchang , Xi'an and other malls quote now dropping . The overall ambition is not shipped mall . Quote of the hot rolled coil rose steady, rainy climate of Shanghai shopping malls , etc., affect the transaction, quoted on the lack of cooperation needs , turn weaken. Mall who think that New Year's increasingly close , carbon seamless steel pipe "low inventory , low carbon seamless steel pipe  prices," the situation is still continuous , Dongchu been slow to launch, plus financial pressure surface , measure the short-term sheet Quotes are still mainly within a narrow range .

On the construction of the steel market, quote quote fall back on weak , Shanghai , Guangzhou and other leading malls as well as some areas of the country a large , multi- ton steel weekly decline will set between 10-90 yuan . Recently, rainy south , north to cool outdoor start limited , carbon seamless steel pipe  downstream needs is shrinking , shopping malls shipment status without ambition . Tight end malls funds , for the sake of shipping , offer a significant loosening of some businesses .

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