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Current carbon seamless steel pipe  transformation presents three new features

Reporters at the ninth Bohai 27simn seamless pipe market forum interviews, many have said the future of the steel trading business for a long time carbon seamless steel pipe  pipe industry is still hard to get out , "winter ", 27simn rose more or less seamless steel pipe is still common, 2014 may also be more difficult , the steel trade and industry reshuffle phenomenon will intensify. A steel trading business , told reporters: "It was thought that would be better than last year, the Steel City , but this year we feel too down more severe than last year, the market is more severe ." Steel city " winter" , industry analysts said , steel trade industry only upgrade , positive " self-help " in order to achieve sustainable development. From the current situation , the current steel trade and industry restructuring and development presents three new features .

In recent years , since the entire carbon seamless steel pipe  industry on the verge of a loss, not satisfied with the meager profits of steel production areas , but also actively adjust the industrial structure, active deep into the distribution channels , occupy more terminal market, a large number of steel ITC companies have set up factories , trade companies. Steel trade jokes " is the biggest steel traders ."

China carbon seamless steel pipe  Industry Association statistics show that in 2013 the focus of statistical Supplying steel seamless pipe 27simn incremental sales significantly , the proportion of Baosteel Supplying more than 70% ; Hebei carbon seamless steel pipe  Supplying ratio of about 60% , Supplying its strip is as high as 74.23% proportion ; Maanshan direct proportion exceeds 50%.

Insiders said that steel stocks put forward is to plant inventory carbon seamless steel pipe  consumption , the direct supply of end users. This will relieve pressure on the stock steel traders to reduce agency agreement because the amount generated , greatly reducing inventory tying funding to bring . Meanwhile, Supplying steel terminal can further downstream industry chain to be effective, more quickly realize the back section , and direct first hand information on the terminal needs more scientific production planning .

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