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Bad frequent carbon seamless steel pipe  prices steady weakening

27simn weaker domestic seamless steel mall vibration operation, merchant cash voluntary significantly enhanced the appearance of shipments increased bid. Third Plenary Session of the guidelines are not expected to fall, carbon seamless steel pipe  cold climate mall impact, because the terminal requires weakening, coupled with the impact upstream steel production rose again, the need for strong weak format is constituted, all reflect the long-material stronger than the plate.

Although steel prices down, but the construction of the terminal needs to force carbon seamless steel pipe  pipe, the decline is very limited. According to mall surveillance revealed, as the country's major cities, 25mm threaded average price of 3532 yuan three, weekly chain fell 11 yuan; 6.5mm high speed wire price 3521 yuan, down three yuan; 5.5mm hot rolled price 3461 yuan, down 17 yuan; 1.0mm cold-rolled price 4336 yuan, down 17 yuan; 20mm plate price 3415 yuan, down 12 yuan. It is significant to Xianluo longs quote based trend significantly better than the plate, by the end of the construction of railways and other projects affecting sprint, estimates of future long-strong board will continuously weak format.

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