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Shandong completed elimination of backward production capacity of carbon seamless steel pipe  nearly 3 million tons

Shandong province is carbon seamless steel pipe  , pig iron, crude steel and cities in the country ranks second in parting column , third place, third place, as the State Department concluded that the carbon seamless steel pipe  industry restructuring pilot provinces , screening carbon seamless steel pipe  backward production capacity is an important mission.

The reporter noted that screening 27simn year career behind seamless steel pipe production capacity does not include sunshine carbon seamless steel pipe  tubes. Earlier sunshine 27simn based seamless steel shares of Hong Kong-listed company New Century Holdings bulletin , sunshine carbon seamless steel pipe  pipe production capacity capable of 12 million tons in 2015 to 5,000,000 tons crunch . But after Shandong Rizhao 27simn planned production capacity of seamless steel pipe 3 million tons of iron , 2.25 million tons steel production capacity crunch is not the mission of the year as a national program .

Screening 27simn year seamless pipe capacity planning larger mass Shandong Ocean Group Limited 30 t converter 3 , capacity 900,000 tons , Shandong and Fujian source carbon seamless steel pipe  Tube Co., Ltd. 30 t converter 3 , production capacity of 800,000 tons.

In Shandong Province , Shandong Steel Group, Qingdao 27simn seamless sunshine carbon seamless steel pipe  pipe, seamless steel tubes , etc. 4 Taishan 27simn company 's production capacity accounted for 80 % of the province , has a high degree of gathering ; another 20 companies only 20% of capacity , mostly with comparative backwardness , the primary spread of Zibo , Binzhou , Linyi three regional spread more will be set. This industrial specialty resolution of Shandong seamless steel industry restructuring purposes 27simn resistance and difficulty small relative to other provinces .

Even so , the next step screening 27simn Shandong seamless steel pipe production behind the mission is still appropriate arduous. According to the National Development and Reform Commission approved the plan in 2015 , Shandong carbon seamless steel pipe  pipe production planning and control in less than 5,000 gross tons. By last year , Shandong has 59.65 million tons of iron production , steel production capacity has 63.07 million tons . National Development and Reform Commission recently approved plus fine steel base with an annual output of sunshine iron 8.1 million tons , 8.5 million tons of steel , 7.9 million tons of steel in the construction program , meant to be screened in recent years , Shandong exceed 20 million tons of backward production capacity .

Shandong carbon seamless steel pipe  pipe production capacity is also facing transportation moving mission. Earlier, rumors Jinan carbon seamless steel pipe  pipe production capacity of the Group will be set in Laiwu . But carbon seamless steel pipe  Group , Jinan notify insider recently told this reporter , this difficulty suitably large , moving is not so simple to build another plant removal , many devices are underground equipment , moving the contribution will be very infinity .

According to information from the Commission by letter of Shandong Province , the recent "State Council to resolve the severe excess capacity confrontation counseling stereotypes " Speaking of carbon seamless steel pipe  , cement, electrolytic aluminum , flat glass , boats and other five occupations, in Shandong Province Some plans are big contrast , comparison of important professional positions . Resolution of Shandong Province , the country banned the construction of new capacity in these occupations project , anywhere may use any name , any method approved filing of these occupations new capacity projects.

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