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Hard steel seamless steel grid will reverse the decline in imports carbon seamless steel pipe 

Because nearly carbon seamless steel pipe  segment moment carbon seamless steel pipe  quote high, steel surplus in poor condition, and some mills intentionally very price , resulting in the mall presents billet rally , but the terminal needs to make the weak steel price rise lack of motivation , in November . " good start " seems to come at the end , steel or have narrowed traces.

According to monitoring data flash : 7 closing , rebar : Shanghai transit 20mm rebar reported 3660 yuan , steady ; Beijing Tangshan Steel offer 3,670 yuan , up 20 yuan . HRC : 07 close, the Shanghai Q235 5.5 HRC sunshine quotes reported 3600 yuan , down 20 yuan ; Beijing Shougang HRC quotes reported 3610 yuan , stable. Futures unexpected rebound, raw material prices are still strong malls , shopping centers there is also pulled up the mood , but the mall opposite stalemate mind flashed steel stepwise regression .

Because steel prices continue to fall, late carbon seamless steel pipe  seamless steel pipe production estimate is decreasing , carbon seamless steel pipe  seamless steel pipe will need strength weakened , continue to reduce inventory or femoral carbon seamless steel pipe  seamless steel pipe price further down.

CISA flashed the latest data , as of late October to the end point carbon seamless steel pipe  seamless steel stocks 12,876,100 tons , representing a late drop 912,000 tons , marking the largest single- year decline in ten days , stating the mall to get a significant volume of added , steel destocking accelerated. But the point is still a large inventory pressure carbon seamless steel pipe  . On steel prices continue to rebound, constitute a significant pressure , and the rebound in the short-term ups and downs , it is difficult to expand. But because it was almost equal to a year low steel prices , brokers voluntary approach to acquire the rise in steel prices will also add, was also positive trend of rising steel prices continuously .

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