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Imbalance of carbon seamless steel pipe to continued downward channel
Since September, carbon seamless steel pipe, though there are some small "up and down", but the overall is a weak "". For the strong to weak, this is the crux of the current steel city, continue to market imbalance. Through a period of consolidation, carbon seamless steel pipe to drop channel.
According to the domestic famous carbon seamless steel pipe information organization "my carbon seamless steel pipe" supply of new shopping malls statement, recently within a week, the domestic spot carbon seamless steel pipe drop, rebar futures price also continued weak, crude steel production of high low wander, acquire the pace slowed down. Even businessmen prices shipment, market turnover is still somewhat "pale". 27SiMn seamless steel spot market traders mentality gradually down, each main carbon seamless steel pipe type of mainstream quotation down, some types of decline has expanded.
According to the analysis, in the plate market, the overall price drop. The plate prices drop significantly, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, some stores tons of price decline in weeks to reach 10 to 60 yuan per ton, Chengdu market decline range reaches 100 yuan. People in the mall to reflect, through continued a few days down, "in malls or difficult to stabilise", the transaction is not ideal, in the mall down air thick. Hot rolled coil price is shaking down, drop in the extended. Dirty get less, market continued to slump, clinch a deal is poor, even the inquiry telephone rarely.
In the construction of steel market, offer to return to the weak, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, most shopping malls are showing a ton price 10 to 50 yuan Zhou Diefu. At present, the site acquisition of rhythm in the slowdown, even if 27SiMn seamless steel pipe down, also difficult to "exchange" trading volume, dealers attitude tends to be disappointed. From the current situation, the "golden nine silver ten" of the "good" expectations has been completely disillusioned, businesses for the withdrawal from circulation of funds, "a one-track mind" try to figure out the delivery way. However, the situation is opposite: in the goods cost is higher under the sight of the price, delivery means a loss; does not reduce the price, do not ship, means the goods more expensive. The business in a difficult situation.
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