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Having or reverse carbon seamless steel pipe to back to the level of the beginning of the year
At that time, the industry will continue to pick up on the macroeconomic expectations as usual, but, given the government's position is not issued several policy implications, also means a pull based influence policy introduced carbon seamless steel pipe demand failure. Based on this, the fourth quarter of the possibility of carbon seamless steel pipe demand steadily will release a larger.
The specific point of view, long material, due to enter the winter, construction process, construction site will gradually slow down or even stop, on the construction of carbon seamless steel pipe demand will gradually reduce. Plate, the fourth quarter is the manufacturing industry of the season, the demand for sheet may be better in the long material. Such as the September HSBC flash PMI partial data, in turn, external demand has now entered the inventory replenishment time.
The supply side, mid September estimated daily carbon seamless steel pipe production reached 2143500 tons, this measure, the September carbon seamless steel pipe production not only did not decrease, but increased slightly. The stock aspect, by the middle of September, at the end, the key Steel Corp inventories increased to 13220000 tons, 625700 tons, annulus comparing increases. 27SiMn seamless steel social inventory has dropped to 14667000 tons, but after National Day vacation, social inventories increased significantly, market supply pressure increase.
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