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carbon seamless steel pipe prices inflection point in the short term period
"This year's season prices again disappointed." Dalian steel trading business, Mr. Shao said, because "Kim Gu" consumption season did not bring improvement in demand, spot market transactions are not ideal. "As the carbon seamless steel pipe prices direct interests, we need the price inflection point coming soon, in order to develop storage plan production, sales, the corresponding."
While the steel market downturn, eleven after two consecutive trading day higher futures prices seems to bring to market a glimmer of hope. The first trading day festival, carbon seamless steel pipe main futures contract prices Lasheng nearly 50 points, decline of stopped. Yesterday, the contract still continue rising trend, compared with the previous day rose 26 points.
"carbon seamless steel pipe futures in experienced since mid August after the market fell short of kinetic energy, are less likely to re release, short-term fell deeply, but this does not mean that prices will immediately inversion." Galaxy futures analyst Li Ji said, in the terminal demand did not appear obvious peatlands, and carbon seamless steel pipe production still remain high, carbon seamless steel pipe futures prices overall will remain weak trend.
The market for care about when to usher in the price inflection point, Li Ji thought that, since eleven, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei to once again into the depth of fog, with the northern winter heating demand gradually increased, the problem will gradually, this will lead to the environmental protection department to put pressure on iron and steel enterprises once again. If the environmental policy re work, iron and steel enterprises substantially reduced, then carbon seamless steel pipe prices are likely to stabilize stabilized significantly. In addition, the fourth quarter investment in fixed assets tend to focus on the release, which drives the carbon seamless steel pipe seamless steel pipe prices boost demand, carbon seamless steel pipe. "When the above two kinds of circumstances, carbon seamless steel pipe prices will usher in a real sense inflection point."
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