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carbon seamless steel pipe pile up in excess of requirement to relieve excess production
According to statistics, in the past 5 years, the production of carbon seamless steel pipe industry in our country has been using rate fluctuations in the 75%, to 72% 2012 capacity utilization rate is low, excess capacity serious. China Steel Association estimated this year China carbon seamless steel pipe production capacity will exceed 10 tons to 10.2 tons (9.9 tonnes in 2012 capacity), the expected this year China carbon seamless steel pipe production will reach 7.8 tons (equivalent to the capacity utilization rate of 76%), on this basis, a conservative estimate of China's carbon seamless steel pipe industry excess capacity of more than 2 tons, global carbon seamless steel pipe 5 tons more than 2 tons of excess capacity in China, China's excess production capacity accounted for 40% of the world.
How to solve the excess capacity? One is the demand side to do addition, another is to supply side to do subtraction. At present, China's economic growth rate of the central depression, roughly speaking, the future economic growth should be in the range of 7%-8%; secondly: "the expansion of domestic demand, promotion" is currently the main direction of economic transformation in China, with the transition of economy development, investment in China's total economic output in the proportion will decrease trend; the slowdown in economic growth and economic transformation will produce certain negative effects on domestic carbon seamless steel pipe demand growth. So the demand side addition to downstream demand favorable stimulation can effectively solve the excess capacity.
While the second methods, the relevant departments have been emphasized in the elimination of backward production capacity. The ministry data show, "eleven five" out of the iron smelting task is 1 tons, by the end of 2010, the country has completed 1.2 tons iron production capacity out of steelmaking capacity; "eleven five" out task is 50000000 tons, by 2010, the country has completed 72000000 tons.
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