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The overall warming carbon seamless steel pipe regulatory expectations strengthen
The current market there are: 1, residential heat is not decreased. Take the 54 major city housing contract amount, the Mid Autumn Festival small long vacation period for 12900 sets, rose 18%, a small dragon boat festival holiday as of September 21st, its total September house signing of 165000 sets, 162800 sets of the same period in August also rose. 2, the price rise is expected to strongly. In August, two or three line city appear Buzhang effect, to the national 70 large and medium-sized city house prices increased, with the link gains in September, the "imperial estate" are frequent, especially since the middle, "Day CD" frequency is, the majority of property without preferential policies introduced, the investigation section of the website shows, the market prices generally bullish. 3, property tax pilot expanding around the regulation or speed up the pace of. The relevant department or organization in October second round of real estate tax and technical training, property tax pilot at the end of 10 to early 11 for broadening the expected strong. 4, tightening bank loans, partially offset by the market demand, but in the short-term impact on the market price and volume growth. To sum up, expected short-term real estate market still maintained the steel supply and demand state, will contribute to raising the enthusiasm developers of new housing construction, construction.
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