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How Carbon steel seamless pipe maintenance

Key thick-walled steel quality, not thick-walled pipe wall thickness wall thickness of the number of control will directly affect the quality and the thick-walled steel pipe, large diameter seamless steel pipe is generally used in a variety of machining, thick-walled parts processing, uniform tube wall thickness will directly affect the quality of parts, the wall thickness of the pipe does not control the overall quality of steel is not critical.

This website or a suitable place and thick-walled steel warehouse and storage options, the choice should be clean, smooth drainage area, away from harmful gases or dust factories. Clear all weeds and debris on the ground, so that the cleaning of the thick-walled steel pipe. Not with acid, alkali, salt warehouse, cement methods are corrosive materials stacked together on the thick-walled steel pipe. Different varieties of thick-walled steel should be stacked separately, to avoid confusion and prevent contact corrosion. Big steel, steel, steel, large diameter thick wall steel pipe, forgings, can open dumps.

Warehouse requirements sunlight pay attention to ventilation, pay attention to rain moisture, keep proper storage environment. Advanced and reasonable stack, the stack is the first principle of superposition solid, ensuring safe conditions, so that stacked depending on the variety, size, different types of materials should be stacked separately, to prevent confusion and corrosion, in principle, prohibit the storage of the corrosive effect of the items stowed position , thick-walled steel pipe open dumps. The following section must block or stone, stack surface is slightly inclined to facilitate drainage, and pay attention to the material straight, to prevent the causing bending. Stack height, manual operation is not more than 1.2 million, no more than 1.5 million of the mechanical operation of a width of not more than 2.5 million. There should be between the Stack and stack a certain channel, check the general o.5m, Access, as the size and material transport machinery, generally 1.5 ~ 2.om. Baby mattress is high, if the warehouse sunrise prepared concrete floor padded o.1m can; if the mud, you must elevate O ~ 0.5m. If the open space, so that the concrete floor booster O 3 ~ O · 500 methodology, sand and mud booster 0.5 ~ o.7m. Open dumps angle channel should be down, mouth down, I stand up, my face is not thick-walled steel tank, avoid water rust.

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