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Anti-corrosion steel construction process

1, anti-corrosion steel construction
. A surface cleaning: Brush primed for failure, should do first surface cleaning
Metal pipe surface often plaster, rust, oxides, grease and other debris, affect the binding with the metal surface coating, so these must be removed before the brush oil contaminants, in addition to using 7108 primer allows stable rust resistance there are 80μm or less rust layer, in general, have exposed metal color.
Surface cleaning methods:
① degreasing. Sticky surface of the pipe more oil, the first with gasoline or concentration of 5% sodium hydroxide solution of hot wash, then rinse, dry and then rust.
② rust. Sandblasting, pickling (chemical) method and other methods.
b. painting
Painted commonly used painting, painting, dipping, pouring paint and other methods. Plumbing mostly used paint and painting method.
① artificial painting requires brushing uniform, hard brushing back and forth, there should be no "face" and local accumulation phenomenon.
When ② mechanical paint, lacquer and paint to flow perpendicular to the surface of the nozzle and the paint surface distance of about 400mm, moving the nozzle should be uniform steady speed of 10 ~ 18m / min, the compressed air pressure of 0.2 ~ 0.4MPa.
When the ambient temperature ③ paint not less than 5 ℃, otherwise it shall take appropriate measures freezing, rain, fog, dew, frost and high winds when the weather should not be painted in outdoor construction.
Layer thickness of each layer should be uniform ④ painted structure according to the design requirements and the number of layers, paint layers when two or more layers, the first layer should be dry before the next coat.

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