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3pe anti-corrosion steel Features

Corrosion resistant coatings using new nano-corrosion materials, can enhance the coating adhesion and service life; stable performance and long life anti-corrosion steel, so that in the best state of work; green and safe high strength corrosion, to ensure water supply, water quality, pressure and safe operation, billion-West ongoing commitment to high-strength steel pipe corrosion development and opening up. Fully adapt to the complex multi-regional construction environment extreme northern winter, the tropical regions and highland areas, etc., to facilitate the construction, less maintenance.

Technology combined with new ideas and the world, the use of reliable performance, long service life, smooth wall, water capacity remained unchanged, low cost and good water sanitation to ensure that long-distance ground transportation safety.

The inner wall of the tube by thermal spraying epoxy powder preservative manner, the powder is uniformly applied to the wound surface of the tubular body, one after filming the hot-junction temperature, long service life of 50 years. Energy conservation, save money worry, open way of large diameter pipeline protection

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