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Performance 3PE anticorrosion steel pipe

3PE anti-corrosion steel is a very good corrosion resistance of steel, used mainly 3PE anticorrosion steel pipe technology, namely in the steel surface to form a three-layer polyolefin coating structure, and thus play a good resistance to corrosion and impermeable. Coating structure is divided into the following layers:

1, epoxy powder, three-layer structure of the first layer, after curing the formation of high molecular weight crosslinked coating structure, strong mechanical properties and chemical corrosion resistance, excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, as surface coatings, can be very large extent extend the life within the material.

2, adhesive, three-layer structure of the intermediate layer, the bonding material, a curing agent, plasticizer, modifier compositions of matter, by adhesion, the two layers are bonded together to form a solid structure .

3, polyethylene, the overall structure of the third layer is an extremely stable polymer structure, for most acidic and alkaline substance has a strong resistance, is a relatively good anti-corrosion materials.
3PE anti-corrosion coating epoxy resin and the advantages of the polyethylene material to be integrated, to make up for lack of another, forming a high mechanical resistance and impermeability, strong corrosion resistance and scratch-resistant composite materials, is recognized as the world currently use effect the best, the best performance of pipeline corrosion coating.


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