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Stainless steel tube construction requirements

1, processing components and finished products should be inspected and accepted before proceeding to the appearance of disposal.

2, stainless steel pipe outer burr, welding coating, weld spatter, dust and fouling, etc., shall, before finishing clean rust, and scale to eradicate loose and thick layer of rust.

3, stainless steel pipe, if the appearance of oil and grease should be removed before the clean rust. If there is oil and grease only on the part of the area, the choice is usually part of the disposal methods; such as the area has a large area or full, you can choose an organic solvent or hot alkaline cleaning.

4, acid, alkali, a salt, hot water or steam can be used to flush out the appearance of stainless steel tubing. It should be noted that the disposal of waste water can not pollute the environment.

5, some of the new rolled stainless steel pipe, in the short term in order to avoid storage and shipping process does not rust, and coated with lacquer curing. Coated with paint for the conservation of stainless steel pipe, depending on the specific circumstances for disposal. After curing paint chosen as curing agents for two-component paints, coatings and basically intact, the available emery cloth, stainless steel wool or velvet fight mild eruption way to dispose of choice, and finishing off the dust, it can be carried out under a process of construction .

6, the outer coating on the stainless steel pipe usually shop primer or primer coating conservation, usually disposal methods according to the status of the coating and the next matching paint resolution. Where not to make further under the impact of a paint or coating adhesion should be fully removed.


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