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3PE anticorrosion pipe inspection and acceptance

3PE anticorrosion steel pipe  After the surface coating during the construction and construction, painting had to deal with the workpiece is protected against dust and other debris flying.

② treatment after coating, the coating should be consistent colors, sharp color bright, wrinkle-free skin, blistering, sagging, holidays and other defects.

③ measuring coating film thickness, film thickness measurement with contact-type film thickness, the film thickness is generally measured thickness of 3 points, averaged.

2, Quality Inspection

① quality testing using sample testing ways depending on design requirements.

② film thickness using magnetic gauge, on a single section of pipe ends and the middle of the circumference measured at intervals of 1.5 m that the film thickness should meet two 85%: the 85% of the thickness measuring points meet the design requirements , less than the thickness of the measuring points, the minimum should be not less than 85% of the design thickness;

③ by visual inspection by the root. Covering the surface layer should be uniform, smooth, no bubbles, wrinkles, protruding tumor and uneven hem overlay defects.
④ insufficient film thickness or pinholes, after curing repair should be reviewed, the failure to repair again, until qualified;

⑤ with pinhole tester pinhole inspection, if found pinholes, sanding with sandpaper grinding machine painted up;

⑥ check adhesion, with a hard coating tools draw on a cut angle of 60 to conduct random checks should be designated through direct coating substrates, draw mouth taped portion of the tear tape hindsight scratch coating There should be no peeling. There may also be checked under the same conditions on the painting of the model.


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