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3PE anticorrosive elbow how to apply the shrinking band

3PE anticorrosive elbow how to apply heat shrinkable tape, strip joints in the heat-shrinkable way, shrinking band for the joint life and sealing materials play a crucial role. The company uses only approved by the European Heating Association shrinking band products. Dedicated to district heating and hot melt glue temperature heat-shrinkable insulation with prefabricated pipe joints are specifically designed for this purpose.

Fused sleeve, such welding using resistance wire embedded in the sleeve, the sleeve tight bundle melt the outer sleeve Tie, then start welding power, welding time is pre-set to automatically power down after the end of welding, after the sleeve to cool completely remove the bandage. Linker used in this way, the construction is simple, solid weld. Installation of this system on the pipeline installation of all known buried piping system can be applied. In addition to the usual compensation laying there, but in the following three ways uncompensated laying better show its advantages. Pipe temperature cold welding pipeline installation as a whole when the ambient temperature is equal to backfill time. Cold installation is the most economical and efficient installation method.

At the same pipeline can be promptly backfill in construction, due to minimize or even completely without setting compensation and mounting bracket, thus saving a lot of money. Since axial stress pipeline is increased, it is sometimes necessary to tee to reinforce treatment or increasing burial depth.

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