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Outside 3PE within FBE Composite Tube

Outside 3PE within FBE Composite Tube (also known TPEP pipe corrosion) is the upgrading of products within the outer polyethylene frit based epoxy composite pipe, the underground is the most advanced long-distance pipeline corrosion form. Ltd. is a foreign advanced anti-corrosion technology and experience for 30 years anti-corrosion pipe industry on the basis of Cangzhou Guanghui, independent development of the fourth generation of large-diameter pipe production line of new anti-corrosion, the outer wall thermal sintering processes underlying wound epoxy resin, an intermediate layer adhesives, coating the outer layer of polyethylene three-layered structure, wall thermal spraying epoxy powder preservative manner, the powder after the hot-junction temperature uniformly coated on the surface of the tube.

Greatly improve the adhesion of the coating and the coating thickness, enhancing bump resistant, corrosion-resistant capability. Can 2PE, 3PE, epoxy coated inside and outside hot-melt, epoxy inner outer PE / 2PE / 3PE and other products, and coated inside and outside of the product may be implemented simultaneously coating and curing, one-time film. Sintered polyethylene inner outer layer of epoxy anti-corrosion steel pipe to fill the gaps in the best anti-corrosion, sintering Prices monolayer polyethylene epoxy composite pipe is almost the same, to improve the corrosion resistance 3-5 times.

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